DMI DIRECT is the total resource for strategic communications delivered with precision and clarity across a full array of media options. We are a team of professionals who work with dedication and energy to advance your message, drive response, and influence public opinion.

Commitment to quality and clarity is at the core of everything we do. As a result, our track record of success has come to speak for itself.

As a national organization, with offices in Washington DC and California, our award winning work has been recognized for its creativity and impact. Our diverse client base includes corporations, issue advocacy groups, trade associations, political causes, elected officials, non-profit organizations, and a host of private concerns.

We develop customized initiatives designed to deliver measurable results.













We are driven by the belief that successful campaigns take control of the agenda, define the issues, and develop a carefully thought-out plan that maximizes resource allocation.

You need a customized strategy that exercises message discipline and clear communication. Together we will choose the right battles to fight, on your terms and not on your opponent’s.


Communicating with a distracted audience can be extremely difficult. That’s why we orchestrate message deployment across various media platforms, creating force multiplication.

We understand the application of combined messaging, market research methodology, and audience targeting. Our commitment to you is disciplined work that stays on message with clarity and consistency.


Connecting with your audience is the pivotal element in achieving measurable results. It’s the moment when message delivery has paid off by transformed interest into action.

Making the connection centers on the elements of coordinated design. Everything we produce includes a strong call to action, stark contrasts, highly personalized touch, exceptional timing, and message clarity.


Our successful programs create impact by tailoring the message to market specific criteria according to user based personal details and characteristics.

Key elements of personalization, data mining, micro targeting, and propensity modeling sharpen the focus for maximized effectiveness. Our work product makes impact and leaves an impression.



We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Erik Brown

Erik Brown

CEO View Details
Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez

Marketing Director View Details
Leif Larson

Leif Larson

Media Strategist View Details
Art Ordiano

Art Ordiano

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Designer View Details
Camilla Vendrame

Camilla Vendrame

Brand Strategist View Details
Ana Ferreira

Ana Ferreira

Brand Strategist View Details
H.K. Yoon

H.K. Yoon

IT Specialist View Details
Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence

Graphic Designer View Details
Kyle Koeller

Kyle Koeller

Associate View Details
Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Mendoza

Production View Details
Maddison Leffel

Maddison Leffel

Brand Strategist View Details
Tomás Palma

Tomás Palma

Brand Strategist View Details
Erik Brown

Erik Brown


Erik Brown is President and CEO. Under his leadership DMI Direct has conducted successful customized programs for local, state, and national campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, as well as spearheading a host of national issue advocacy and corporate initiatives. Recipients of the prestigious AAPC Pollie Award and Telly Award for creative excellence, the portfolio includes work for notable candidates and statesmen as well as prominent elected officials and public policy organizations.

Mr. Brown’s direction has been a key difference maker across multiple cycles where DMI DIRECT has risen in prominence to be recognized as one of the most innovative agencies in the nation. His emphasis centers on creative messaging with special attention to production detail. A seasoned political professional, Erik provides valuable insight derived from corporate experience in the financial services and professional sports industries where he has held marketing and sales management positions.

A graduate of the University of California, Erik has held leadership positions with a number of civic organizations including Law Enforcement Advisory Councils, Generation Next, and The National Honor Society.

Apart from a passion for advancing closely held values, Erik is a sportsman and an instructor for aspiring athletes. As a hockey coach for over 12 years, his teams have won acclaim as State, District, and National Champions. Erik and his family reside in Coto de Caza, CA and are actively involved in the ministry of their community church.

Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez

Marketing Director

Anthony Ramirez has over 20 years of experience in printing and direct marketing production. With an initial background in art and design, Anthony has leveraged his creative energies into results focused action benefiting companies and candidates through the previous 10 election cycles.

Anthony is a key part of DMI’s team of experienced professionals bringing to the table first hand knowledge of the emerging Hispanic electorate and its critical role in elections. He is a dedicated member of The Hispanic 100, among the most influential organizations of its kind.

In addition to campaigns and issue advocacy, Anthony’s experience spans a broad cross-section of business sectors including; financial services, lenders and banks, the automotive industry, wholesale durable goods, and various retail concerns. He has successfully branded companies that have grown to national prominence including some of the country’s largest correspondent lender networks and financial services companies. His expertise centers on message to market strategic planning, and brand development programs that position his clients to exceed revenue targets and experience explosive growth.

He has been recognized throughout the print advertising industry, and has served in leadership with the California Association of Mortgage Brokers and sits on the board of Friends of NRA and Childhood Cancer Stinks. Anthony also is an advocate for youth sports programs in Orange County, CA where he has managed large organizations including his role in pioneering youth football and baseball leagues for cities throughout the County. Anthony resides with his family in Dana Point, CA.

Leif Larson

Leif Larson

Media Strategist

Leif has over a decade of experience in public relations and strategic national and international message development and campaigning utilizing a variety of print, radio and television advertising.

Since becoming a consultant, Leif has produced hundreds of ads for successful campaigns around the country-advising clients on strategy and overseeing the print, television and radio production as well as media placement.

Along with creating brand awareness through high-profile and global media marketing efforts, it is my responsibility to ensure that our Fortune 500 Companies and Political clients always receive the best representation.

Past and present clients include Reps. Patrick McHenry, John McHugh, Mary Bono Mack, John Campbell, Connie Mack, John Shimkus, College Republicans, NRCC, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and American Society of Anesthesiologists, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Dental Association and All Children Matter.

Mr. Larson’s work has been recognized by my peers in the industry, earning a national Pollie award from the American Association of Political Consultants. Mr. Larson and his family reside in Alexandria, VA.

Art Ordiano

Art Ordiano

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Art Ordiano is our Senior Graphic Designer and Web Designer. He brings a valuable compliment of talents to the DMI team. Art specializes in highly professional design concepts with clean lines, tailored with a market appropriate message. An honor’s student, Art received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from California State University at Fullerton.

Art was a scholarship recipient by way of portfolio review for his upper division design courses and subsequently has been honored with several awards. Art’s expertise shows the mark of an agency directed eye, keen on qualitative balance, and attuned to symmetry. His design skills are those of a versatile artist, sharpened by experience in publication production, particularly his work with Expresión Latina, a cosmopolitan style magazine directed to the Hispanic market.

Born and raised in Southern California, Art has three older brothers and one younger sister. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and excels in adapting marketing concepts for the Spanish speaking audience that respect the unique cultural elements requisite for a credible campaign to function.

Apart for excelling in design, Art is also an accomplished musician and an avid endurance obstacle course athlete. He and his wife attend Christ Cathedral Catholic Church where they are active in community outreach. Art’s strong work ethic and a sense of personal pride are easily seen in every design project, from the most simple to the most complex.

Camilla Vendrame

Camilla Vendrame

Brand Strategist

Camilla contributes a fresh perspective to our team, specializing in online presence and brand building initiatives. She focuses on enhancing social inclusion, engagement, and branding elements for clients. Her experience blends insight in traditional and emerging marketing channels where unconscious inferences impact connectivity.

A graduate of University Anhembi Morumbi from Sao Paulo- Brazil, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertisement & Business Communications. Her undergraduate studies emphasized the science of marketing analysis in consumer choice. Camilla was previously the Marketing Communications Manager for John Deere, and has worked with several leading advertising agencies.

Subsequently she has earned her two post-graduate degrees in International Marketing and Business Administration from The University of California Irvine, where she has served as one of the University’s International Spokesperson. She enjoys traveling and learning, outdoor sports, is an avid exercise enthusiast, and volunteers helping rescued animals.

Ana Ferreira

Ana Ferreira

Brand Strategist

Ana Ferreira has a passion for communicating compelling stories that define brands and causes. Her multidiscipline expertise encompasses content creation, corporate identity, market analysis, and public relations.

Ana holds two advanced degrees in Marketing and Business Administration from The University of California at Irvine. She received her Bachelors in Advertising and Marketing from Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Previously Ana has worked with Unilever, managing brands such as Dove, Degree, Ben & Jerry’s and TRESemmé. She was instrumental in initiatives enhancing brand reach for BRF Brazil, one of the 10 largest food producers and exporters in the world and a major sponsor of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games.
In her free time Ana volunteers to help children’s cancer causes as well as animal rescue. She enjoys cooking, hiking, video games and travelling.

H.K. Yoon

H.K. Yoon

IT Specialist

Mr. Yoon is an exceptionally talented information technology professional who specializes in online marketing optimization and electronic communication services. An expert in data driven analytics, HK is at the forefront of emerging trends in online media and is an expert in SEO, SMO, and SMI. His experience in online media and web development connects his promotional marketing skills to the online branding enhancements we offer to our clients.

HK earned his Bachelors Degree in International Political Science while studying at the Korea Military Academy, in South Korea. He holds a Masters Degree in, Defense and International Affairs from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, England. A Distinguished Marksmen, and a Master Diver, HK is an avid outdoorsman and who caries a HALO/HAHO certification and has served as a conventional parachute instructor.

HK’s background in technology and security was initiated while working for the National Security Agency as a Field Intelligence Analyst. His tenure there offered him the onsite experience as a liaison officer with 10th Mountain Division command. His experience as a security expert adds to his diverse skill set, elevated by his work with Washington DC based Trident Operational Solutions where he served as protective security detail unit operations chief.

Before joining DMI, HK served in an information technology director for a multinational conglomerate that specialize in emerging market tangible asset development and commodity transactions. From 2009-2012 he was responsible for identification of risk exposures and loss mitigation implementing proprietary systems for a analyzing, recording, and activating appropriate responses. As a corporate Director of IT, he has overseen dozens of employees offering experience which allows him leverage a diverse talent pool to provide a highly functional execution chain for online mass communication efforts.

Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence

Graphic Designer

Brian is principle designer for DMI. With almost a decade of marketing and advertising experience, Brian has helped bring a modern and exciting style to the graphic art department.

A graduate of the award winning Westwood Design School, Brian holds a degree in Visual Communications. As the President of the Alumni Club, Brian sits on the Program Advisory Committee and served in leadership with The American Advertising Federation, and The American Institute of Graphic Arts.

He continues to expand his reach by connecting back to new trendsetters and young designers. Additionally he contributes to DMI’s competitive edge by staying one step ahead of the game on new media technology. With a sharp focus on the way that designs integrate across multiple media streams, Brian is able to craft compelling pieces that deliver maximum impact.

An award wining artist, Brian was part of the design team that captured the top prize for the Addy’s Award. His portfolio includes work for dozens of candidates and campaigns as well as notable projects for, Toshiba, Contact® Brand Products and Hylands Homeopathy.

Design is an ever evolving component of marketing, and an artist must ever be challenging themselves. Brian has what it takes to deliver beyond expectations. He resides in Anaheim, CA

Kyle Koeller

Kyle Koeller


Kyle Koeller has a passion for politics and government affairs with a strong emphasis on creating a winning message. His area of study was Public Relations and Advertising at Chapman University where he served as a member of the Public Relations Society, National Society of Scholars, and The National Political Science Honors Society.

Kyle previously worked in the office of former Congressman John Campbell (CA-45) and also in Washington DC with a consultancy handling issue advocacy media work for various PAC’s and Interest Groups. Kyle has hands on field experience having worked on behalf of congressional campaigns as well as several state and municipal candidates.

Kyle understands that every point of contact needs a personal connection and a frame of reference. He brings to our team a strong work ethic and a desire to advance deeply held values in a modern and meaningful way.

Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Mendoza


Carlos Mendoza adds a valuable resource to the DMI team as our lead pressman and production foreman. With over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Before coming to DMI, Carlos has served as a senior print production manager for several of the largest outfits including PBA, Casablanca and Arrow. He has overseen agency related work for such companies as Home Depot, KB Homes, and other national firms across a variety of different business sectors.

Carlos is a master of the full spectrum of printing, having worked on a variety of the most complex iron including Heidelberg, Komori, and Ryobi, 2 and 4 color presses, both 28 and 40″ as well as many others.

A native of Argentina, Carlos and his wife have two fine sons and three young grandchildren.

Maddison Leffel

Maddison Leffel

Brand Strategist

Maddison joins DMI with a fresh focus on communications and simple but effective presentation. A graduate of California State University Chico, Maddison earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Her undergraduate studies were spent exploring and developing research hypotheses on decision-making, unconscious inferences, and the vehicles that impact these factors. As a result Maddison is fluent in the utilization of online media platforms for social inclusion, engagement, and promotional value.

As a student of psychology Maddison has developed a proficient understanding of the consumer mind, she intertwines this understanding with excellent customer service techniques to deliver a product that will captivate and engage its audience. By incorporating a consistent, current, and reliable voice to every platform, Maddison optimizes public presentation to increase awareness, interest, and action. Maddison has an analytical mind; a necessity to evaluate things for what they are, what they are not, and most importantly what they could be. She has transcended her studies into application with the use of efficient content conceptualization and implementation.

Tomás Palma

Tomás Palma

Brand Strategist

Tomás earned his MBA in Leadership and Organizational Management from The University of California at Irvine as well as his Bachelors in Management and International Business from Peruvian University of Applied Science. He previously was the creative director for two major social media and online communications portals in South America and oversaw brand strategy in the online retail market in Costa Rica. Tomás has been a featured presenter at international symposiums on emerging trends in digital marketing, recently speaking at The Conference of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Madrid Spain. Tomás brings with him the strategic elements and artistic perspective of European and Latin cultures, adding to the depth of our communications offerings.



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We believe our work speaks for itself.

































DMI DIRECT has covered the country, producing compelling media work and effective ground campaigns that deliver results. Working with our partners we work to effectively deliver a message that resonates with the unique community sense and demography of each region of the country. As a national organization, our reach extends cross-country with the ability to drill down directly to the most concentrated detail within markets.

It’s an honor to have been recognized repeatedly by industry organizations for excellence. DMI DIRECT has been awarded for work in several categories, demonstrating mastery of the critical psychological and demographic factors. Commitment to Creativity and Focus combine to create impact for our clients in an intelligently directed mix of; advocacy, message delivery, and strategic deployment. We deliver results for our clients, leaving an impression that is direct and on target.



DMI DIRECT has worked on behalf of these esteemed clients:

Americans For Prosperity
Habitat for Humanity
Freedom’s Watch
Commonwealth PAC
Generation Next
The Lincoln Club
Claremont Institute
Alliance Defense Fund
National Rifle Association
Stars & Stripes Foundation
Free Congress Foundation
Faith & Freedom Coalition
California Republican Party
Republican National Committee
Orange County Business Council
American College of Radiologists
American College of Surgeons
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Society of Anesthesiologists
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation
Orange County Republican Party

Elected Officials:
Mitt Romney for President 2010
John McCain for President 2008
Mitt Romney 2008
Rudy Giuliani 2008
Senator John Thune
Senator Cory Gardner
Senator Bill Cassidy
Senator Dan Sullivan
Congressman Kevin McCarthy
Congressman John Campbell
Congressman Lynn A. Westmoreland
Congressman Jeff Denham
Congressman Paul Broun M.D.
Congressman Patrick McHenry
Congresswoman Mary Bono
Congressman Ken Calvert
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Congresswoman Nan Hayworth
Congressman Larry Bucshon
Congressman Daniel Webster
Lt. Governor Duke Aiona
Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner
Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez
Assemblywoman Diane Harkey
Assemblyman Tom Berryhill
Assemblyman Martin Garrick
Assemblyman Brian Nestande
Assemblyman Guy Houston
Assemblyman Tony Strickland
Supervisor Lisa Bartlett
Supervisor Pat Bates
Treasurer Chris Street
District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

Ashworth Inc.
America’s Choice Financial
Bodies In Motion
Century 21 Commercial Real Estate
Charo Chicken Restaurants
Chase Manhattan Mortgage
Commercial Capital Bank
Culligan Water
Dish Network
Finacorp Securities
Ford Motor Corporation
Freedom Writers Foundation
Healthcare Partners Medical Group
Honda Motor corporation
Howard Johnson Hotels
Hugo Boss
Hyundai Motors
Keller Williams Real Estate
LA Fitness
Life Pharm Global
Makar Properties
Marriott Hotels
Mazda Motor Corporation
RAM Metal Roofing
Sands Corporation
STA Jets
The Catalina Foundation
The Salvation Army
Toyota Motor Corporation
Travelers Financial

*partial list

  • “Trust is the foundation of total quality, trust is made up of both character and competence.”

    -Steven Covey
  • “Be technically proficient in order to be tactically effective.”

    -United States Marine Corps
  • “Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. Space we can recover, time never.”

  • “If the truth were self evident, eloquence would be unnecessary.”

  • “The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a single pebble.”

    -Blaise Pascal
  • “In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection.”

    -Johann von Goethe
  • “The soul cannot think without a picture.”

  • “We’re changing the world with technology.”

    -Bill Gates